Anyone can blow his own horn.

But when other people do it for you, it has a sweeter sound.

So here's just a little slice of what our clients have said about Creative At Large.

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Direct Marketing...

“Just wanted to tell you how enthusiastic the response has been to your ProShop campaign. Dealers from all over the U.S. and Canada have been calling for extra copies. It seems it's the most concise, easily understood piece of writing in the pool industry. You certainly have a talent for taking complicated technical “mumbo jumbo” and turning it into readable material. My hearty thanks and my congratulations on our two awards!”
--C. Student, Advertising Director, Sun Pool Products.

“I will be leaving the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in a couple of weeks and I would like to express my appreciation for your efforts on NATO's behalf. Your ideas, suggestions and promotion campaigns have enhanced the NATO programme in the U.S. as never before. If you need to, you can reach me at home. You know the number.”
--P. Daniel, Head/Media Production, NATO


“Working with you, there's always a “HOLY *@^#^!” factor. That is, you never fail to surprise and amaze me with your creativity. And the results show it. In the first year of our new product launch, your marketing program helped us achieve over $8 million in new product sales and a 66% increase in sales over the previous year. Always fun working with you.”
--B. Borkan, President, Neuromed Inc.

“I've been meaning to let you know how pleased I've been with the various projects you've been doing for Stanton. Your concepts are always well executed and show a high standard of creativity--something we've come to expect from you. It's a pleasure working with you, Rik.”
--J. Kapen, Advertising Director, Stanton/Pickering

“Our 'Grow With Us' membership program ended on Dec. 31. Was it successful? I'll say it was! 187,228 new members were recruited. Thanks to you, lots of different creative formats for promotion were utilized during the campaign. As we evaluate its success, we must stop and say 'Thanks!' to you for your creativity, ingenuity and professionalism. We look forward to working with you on many more K of C media campaigns.”
--H. Bacque, Service Director, Knights of Columbus


“I just wanted to say thanks for your creativity, timeliness and expertise on all our Nabi programs. You do a great job and I would recommend you to anyone! I'll let you know as soon as we want to plan our next promotion.”
--C. Perini, Program Coordinator, Nabi Inc

“I want to thank you and commend your efforts. The response to your 'Bath Buyer's Handbook" from both our out-of-state sales staff and over 700 distributors has been tremendous. The format you developed, including our 'spokescartoon,' W. Earl Pule, attained my objective of presenting very dry, technical data in a consumer friendly, attention-getting manner. I can't thank you enough.”
--S. Finn, President, American Whirlpool

“I was very impressed with your ideas and assistance in our latest campaign. It is a pleasure working with a company that understands all our needs, from logos to advertising, to literature, and beyond. Thanks again!”
--Carll Burr III, President, Prudential LI Realty